A story about making a chat program in 10 minutes with WebSocket with VBScript on mac and talking with audience

I made the Chat program in 10 minutes at that day.

I used a programming language “OpenVBS” that compatible with VBScript.

$ ./oscript sample3.obs

This chat program is a web application, you can start http server by this command.

<!DOCTYPE html>
    let sock = new WebSocket("ws://localhost:8000/chat.osk");
    sock.onmessage = function(e){
      let elm = document.createElement("li");
      elm.innerText = e.data;
      document.getElementById("output").insertBefore(elm, document.getElementById("output").firstChild);

  <input type="text" onkeypress="if(event.keyCode==13){ sock.send(this.value); this.value=''; }">
  <ul id="output"></ul>

Let’s make such a file “chat.html” in “wwwroot” directory, this is a simple thing that send string to server and display strings when received from server.

last = 0

function on_data(data)
    if len(data) then
        application(application.contents.count) = data
    end if

    do while last < application.contents.count
end function

The WebSocket service is this “chat.osk”, this is a simple thing that store string to memory from client and send back new chats to client.

It will work on http://localhost:8000/chat.html ! I used ngrok to open to the global this local chat and enjoy conversation with audience.

This sample chat is included in OpenVBS ver.20191209, please use this for you live coding 😉 . (NOTE: Multithread not supported yet…)


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