The big problem about the electricity in Myanmar will be solved by Myanmar kids and IchigoJam!

The last day in Myanmar, I participated in the Khayay school graduation ceremony, Congratulations!

And the last day of the Programming Summer Camp at 360ed.

All groups prepared for the presentation.

Group A made Auto Driving Car.

The car drives automatically in random. It’s good that is using sensors in the future.

Group SAITAMA made Ghost Ship.

The ship move automatically and light on when the night automatically.

Group Never Give-up made smart house.

The lights will be on automatically when night coming.

Group Future Maker made smart house.

Light and fan works automatically. The fan work by electrical switch used servo-motor physically, good idea!

Group Quantum Cheese made electricity control system.

The electricity generated by windmill is sent to house, and the house uses electricity economically.

The MVP was the Smart House of Future Makers, Congratulations!

The Myanmar has a big problem about power failures. There is a planned blackout for each area every day. How to generate the power and how to use the power, these are familiar and important issues for the kids. They will surely solve it with IchigoJam PC!

Thank you for Hla Hla giving me a valuable opportunity, and all kindness Myanmar people!

Let’s make it, see you again!


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