Connect to the IchigoLatte from your PC, even without a PS/2 keyboard and NTSC TV!

You can use IchigoLatte OS without keyboard and tv.

Let’s prepare USB UART device and jumper cable.

And connect UART to IchigoJam board like this.

Then turn switch on the IchigoJam board.

Prepare your terminal software and connect.

Then push button once on the board!

Prompt will come.

Let’s make program. You can NOT use “vi” in UART console mode. Type “cat >.” and Enter, the lash will wait a program from UART RX.

Type such a program on your text editor, and copy.

Then paste the program and Enter.

The program will send to the lash. And send Ctrl+D to exit from “cat >.”.

Type “cat .” to confirm the program was sent.

Let’s start program by “ts .”. (Because this is FORTH version)

LED will blink, yeah!

But, you can NOT stop the endless program… So please reset the board by switch.

Please make such a program to stop running.

You can stop the program by pushing the button. Such a “Stdin/out: kbd, scr” message will appear when stopped. Please push button again, console will back to UART.

You can make such a program to keep UART console when stopped.

It is easy way to use when you don’t have NTSC TV and PS/2 Keyboard. Please try it!

( IchigoLatte-Font is here for your terminal software. )


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