It is OK to flies normal TELLO, the beta firmware has been published, let’s enjoy drone programming in gymnasium. / お値打ち価格「無印TELLO」も大丈夫、体育館で楽しもうドローン プログラミング、βファームウェア公開!

We succeeded in flying the droneTELLO EDU” with IchigoJam/IchigoLatte. This time, we got a normal TELLO, let’s challenge to flying this.

先日IchigoJam/IchigoLatteからの飛行に成功したドローン「TELLO EDU」。今回はノーマル版(?)「TELLO」を入手、動作確認。ぱっと見はEDUと同じ。

First, turn on the power.


Then the eye will turn on.


Next, turn on the power of IchigoJam/IchigoLatte and MixJuice.


Search SSID by MixJuice command “MJ APL”.


Discover “TELLO-xxxxxx”.


Let’s connect to wifi by command “MJ APC”. It will be connected automatically next time.

「MJ APC」コマンドでwifi接続。一度接続すれば電源を切っても次回からはすぐにつながります。

Do programming by vi to flies.


It is JavaScript. “function tello(…)” is a driver command to flies TELLO. “tello(“xxxx”, 1000)” is a command for TELLO. “xxxx” for moving, 1000 for waiting.

今回はJavaScriptでこんな感じ。「function tello(…)」はTELLOを飛ばすためのコマンド、意味は置いておいてひとまず写しておこう。後半の「tello(“xxxx”, 1000)」がTELLOへの命令、”xxxx”は動作、1000は動作の後待つミリ秒。

if finished the programming, save and exit by ESC key and run by command “ms .”.

viでプログラムができたらESCキーで抜けて実行「ms .」。

Your TELLO will fly away. The beta firmware of MixJuice is available here. Spec are the same for both EDU and normal!?


Let’s enjoy drone programming in gymnasium!



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