An 11-year-old girl presents her micro:bit works in Expo! PCN started also in Hong Kong!

I went to the Learning & Teaching Expo 2018 in Hong Kong.

The latest educational materials are gathered at the venue.

Kids are promoting their own works about computer science.

She created radio controlled car by micro:bit! She is 11 years old!

A Minecarft tournament was held. “Be a smart eCitizen for 2030+” is awesome expression!

In here, we have started PCN Hong Kong with Waris-san! We will spread the kids programming from Hong Kong!

And, we PCN meets micro:bit CEO Gareth-san! Our activities will be bigger. Don’t miss it!

This is a message pendant by micro:bit and IchigonQuest OS. You can create this without PC, using only micro:bit, TV and Gamepad!

Hong Kong is a big city, it looks like Tokyo for me.

Thank you for guide, Kita-san.

And miracle meet-up with Fukushima-san! The gift was IchigoWalker board!?

Let’s meet at Myanmar next time!


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