Cool shining in your way, let’s program the 2D Christmas tree! / 君の光らせ方でカッコよく、2Dクリスマスツリーをプログラミングしよう!

Programming experience at primary school in Sabae. Sabae city is top runner about kids programming.


I visited there with Fukuno about two years ago. [last year]


I taught 5th grade students and Fukuno taught 6th grade.


5th grade students experienced LED blinking with 2D Xmas tree. 😉


Kids can control the Xmas tree own way by programming. [how to make]


Kids experienced the robot and the automatic car in the second half.


In the programming, LED blinking and Robot controlling are same. The Kids Car “Radish” will stop in front of wall by your program.


Please come to the summit where the mayor of Sabae city will come “Kids Programming Summit 2018“.

プログラミング教育で最先端をいく自治体「鯖江市」の牧野市長もやって来る、第4回 こどもプログラミング・サミット 2018、ぜひご参加ください。


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