PCN Kids Programming Contest 2018 will be held! Let’s do programming with Mr. Imagish! / PCNこどもプロコン2018開催!イマギッシュのように君もプログラミングやってみよう!


We have announced PCN Kids Programming Contest 2018!

We will hold it only once this year, and the deadline is Dec 31 2018 23:59!

さぁ、PCNこどもプロコン2018 のスタートです!

2回/年で開催してきたコンテスト、今年は1回/年でやってみます。締め切りは12/31 23:50!

[ 前回の様子 ][ Last contest ]


Mr. Imagish also gradually got used to programming!? Please send your awesome works also refer to the PCN channel!



Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 15.26.05.png

Thank you for your support. We are waiting for your support yet. Please contact us!












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