The “IchigonQuest” was born. Kids can control LED and Robots by programming only using Arrow-keys! / 小学校低学年に向けた新しいプログラミング環境「IchigonQuest」誕生!十字キーだけで操作できる「クエスト型プログラミング」でLチカからロボット制御まで!

A firmware “IchigonQuest” is being created as 3rd firmware continueing IchigoJam and IchigoLatte for IchigoJam hardware.

The “Cutlery Apps” which is tablet application for younger kids is good tool for touch programming. However it is problem the tablet device is needed. So we are creating “IchigonQuest” which can be used by only Arrow-keys and Enter-key.

The version number is 0.0.1 yet. We will release alpha version in the future. Please be looking forward to!

ハードウェアとしてのIchigoJamに向けたファームウェア、Ichigojam, IchigoLatte に続く第3弾がいよいよお目見え、その名も「IchigonQuest」!!


まだまだバージョンは 0.0.1 ですが、もう少し進捗したらαリリースします、お楽しみに!!









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